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Brass Nails

brass nail and copper nail (Hard temper) - 62% Cu 38% Zn                               
Packing:   1LB/box  x  40boxes/carton
1/2" x Dia 1.5mm
5/8" x Dia 1.5mm
3/4" x Dia 1.65mm
1" x Dia 1.65mm


Minimum 99.9% Copper Boat Nail (Hard temper)
Square Body, Rose Head
Packing:1kg/box  x  20boxes/carton
1/2" x 2mm AF
5/8" x 2mm AF
3/4" x 2mm AF
1" x 2.5mm AF
1-1/4" x 2.5mm AF
1-1/2" x 3.2mm AF
2" x 3.2mm AF
2-1/2" x 3.2mm AF
3" x 4mm AF
3-1/2" x 4mm AF
4" x 4mm AF

Minimum 99.9% Copper Tacks (Hard temper)                                            
Packing:   0.5kg/box  x  40boxes/carton


Minimum 99.9% Copper Rouves (Funnel-like  Washers for Boat Nails)
Packing:1kg/boxes x  20boxes/carton
OD  1/2"   thk 1.5mm  hole less than 3mm.
OD  5/8"   thk 1.5mm  hole less than 3mm
OD  3/4"   thk 1.5mm  hole less than 3mm

China Cnow Common Nail Factory

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